My neck

Although shelves are crammed with creams dedicated to every crevice in the body (slight exaggeration I know) in my years of trialling skincare products I've concluded that most are not worth their hefty price tag. What's more, many are thick and show up as irritating red rings around the crease lines.

Hair Blues

Us middle-years folk need to take every step possible to maintain the health of our crowning glory and the toxic combination of sun and salt has taken its chemical toll leaving my hair looking (and feeling) dull and very washed out. So, I am on a mission.....

Fiona Arrigo

I first met Fiona Arrigo last January on a cold winter's afternoon in London. And, in all honesty, my life hasn't been the same since - it has been better!  She softly peeled away the tough outer layers in a way I have never experienced before, leaving me honest and open, but never vulnerable.

Ayurveda in Summer

Ayurveda is a subtle, complex and all embracing prescription for how to live our lives and with the long days and occasional bright sun upon us, the transformative nature of this season is totally in sync with this timeless wisdom.

So Farro - So Great

For meals that positively sing of goodness you can't beat grains. Overflowing with virtuousness and flavour, ancient grains have come centrestage, most especially, for me anyway,  the rich nutty flavour of Farro.  

Calm your Skin

Our skin can rear up at any time but most especially during the hormonal fluctuations and periods of stress. And we know that what we eat largely dictates how well our body feels, looks and operates - so our skin, being the visible us to the greater world, really tells it all. 

Get the GLOW

I'm on a mission - watch this space! At this stage in my life, I know a wrinkle-free face is not an option. Nor, in all honesty, do I want one. Seriously, what sort of a scary mid-life-mother-of-3 would I resemble with a blank, lifeless canvas as a face?

Ayurveda in Spring

I've long been an advocate of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic philosophy. it works at all stages in life, but in my experience comes into its own during midlife when the body dries out and frankly we need all the help we can get.

Should you Double Cleanse?

I'm a recent convert to double cleansing as have always tried to keep my skincare routine as fast and efficient as possible, simply because I just don't have the time for lengthy rituals. But, having recently tested the Double Cleanse System by hip Irish brand Pestle & Mortar, I have to admit that I was wrong and I am well and truly hooked!