Your Middle Years

Your Middle Years

A timely call to women in midlife to make the most of what could be the most exciting chapter in their lives.

Paula Mee and Kate O’Brien had a lot of questions when they reached menopause. While doctors were matter-of-fact and friends had light-hearted conversations about the changes occurring in their bodies, there was little discussion about dry vaginas or mental meltdowns.

There was no road map for this transition. In fact they noted a stark lack of practical information on menopause and the middle years. Even more concerning was the notable absence of positive outlooks on aging. Determined to make the most of their middle years and beyond, the authors delved deeper.

They discovered that with the right diet and lifestyle, science is proving that women can look, be and feel their very best through their menopausal years and well beyond. Paula and Kate believe it’s extremely important to empower women before and during this time. They wrote Your Middle Years for this very purpose: to help women anticipate the natural, physiologic and metabolic changes they will go through, and to offer advice and useful solutions to help them feel strong, vibrant, and very much in control of their destiny.

The authors’ joint expertise combined with renowned health experts (including a leading dermatologist, mindfulness expert and sexologist amongst others), the pages of Your Middle Years overflow with practical solutions to common problems and straightforward advice on empowering women to be once again at home in their bodies and minds.

With chapters on diet, beauty, sex, sleep, emotional health and much more, this is a practical guide for every woman who doesn’t want to fear her middle years, but to embrace this time feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on the next phase of life.

 About the Authors

Paula Mee is a current member and a past president of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI), the professional body for dietitians in Ireland. Through her nutrition consultancy she advises on a wide range of conditions. Paula writes a regular column in the Irish Times Health Supplement. She is Consultant Dietitian on the production team of TV3 series Doctor in the House and was the dietitian on the RTÉ TV series Health Squad.


Kate O’Brien returned to Ireland in 2013 after 18 years living and working in Asia. Through her career, Kate has enjoyed many years in the health, beauty, and spa industries in London, Dublin, Singapore, and Hong Kong and has become an established writer on lifestyle and spa culture. Kate writes for Asia Spa magazine, The Gloss and Image magazines and is the author of seven lifestyle books.