'My life now is clearer and more focused than it has been for many years and that must be good. I am also stronger, wiser and more confident in and about myself – one of the benefits of being older, I guess!' 

The above lines taken from my last book, Your Middle Years: Love them. Live them. Own them. by Gill Books (2016) pretty much encapsulate what Mid Life Edit is about. Here, I am combining my professional expertise as a qualified dietitian and cosmetic science graduate, with my life as a middle-aged woman, wife, mother and lifestyle journalist, to share my thoughts and experiences on all things health, from skincare, beauty and fragrance to exercise, spa retreats, emotional health, book reviews and more.

Through my career I’ve been lucky enough to have interviewed many of the world's leading health and beauty experts, often in some of the most perfect locations and written about them in magazines and newspapers in Asia, Australia and Ireland. Mid Life Edit shares many of these stories, while also being a platform for other like-minded experts to share what works for them, be it simple techniques to keep skin radiantly supple during menopause and how to keep our necks taut and strong (one of my personal bug bearers!) to the tastiest and most nourishing seasonal  foods and the world's most pristine hideaways to immerse both body and soul into yoga, pilates or whatever else calms your racing mind.

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I, too, will showcase my favourite finds, from the best spas and retreats, yogis who really do make a difference to nourishing facial oils, serums and balms all destined to leave your skin brighter and dewier than ever before. Many of these feature in my latest book GLOW: Your complete four-week plan to healthy radiant skin which is a must for those wanting to make the best of themselves now and for always. Every product I write about and every spa/retreat I review I have tried for myself and that is my promise. 

Whether you are living your middle years life or not quite there yet, there is something for everyone and my hope is that you find what you’re looking for. If not, please let me know......

Let's raise the bar on our Mid Life sisterhood,


PS: I love sharing what works for me so if you like what you see and think your product or service will be of interest to readers please, please let me know!

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Through the years I have reviewed numerous spas, products and retreats. Please contact me if you are interested in an honest review of your product, place or experience. Bear in mind, truthful I will be!