All in Mind

Book Review: Singing in the Rain

Aptly described as an ‘alchemist for the spirit’ Rachel Kelly battled with depression for many years. Now an avid mental health campaigner, Singing in the Rain: 52 Practical Steps to Happiness is her latest book and delivers just as the title suggests - it is practical and it will make you smile and feel a little happier, regardless of what life is throwing at you.

Book Review: The Wild Remedy

The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us - A Diary is one of the best books I have read in some time, so honest and real and beautifully put together. Don’t just buy one copy as everyone needs to read this. This should be an essential part of the schools curriculum.

Wellness Trends

Figures just released by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) in the US show that the wellness industry takes in US$4.2 trillion in annual global spend (up from US$3.7 trillion in one year!) and just maybe our addictive endorphins of manic consumption are being usurped by the feel-good serotonin that comes with a more sustainable and meaningful lifestyle.

Book Review: Sober, Curious

I have been stalling on posting this review for the past few weeks - not because I didn’t like the book (I loved it!) - but because I wanted to accompany the review with a personal commitment and, as with everything in life it seems, the time wasn’t right.

La Rentrée

After taking most of August off, the French are back in the real world once again and La Rentrée marks this transition. While school is back here too, we don’t mark the occasion quite so word perfectly, but it's a sign that autumn is coming and for many the time for reflection and intention.

Exam Anxiety

Many readers are currently supporting a child or other loved one during their final preparations for what for many are the most challenging exams they will ever do.The following tips might just help them over that final hurdle….

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep by Professor Matthew Walker is a fascinating read. Basically he says that if you’re regularly clocking in at under seven hours a night, you’re doing yourself a disservice as grave as that of regularly smoking or drinking to excess. A sobering thought. 

IMBOC Celebration

Awakening innate potential and activating intention was the theme of Mari Kennedy's Celtic celebration of IMBOC at Dublin's Fumbally. Yet again, her deep connection and unwavering ...didn't disappoint as my fellow Imboc festival goers and I journeyed through a seamless blend of yoga, personal enquiry and Celtic wisdom.