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Review: African Botanics Skincare

Below are just a few of my favourites, all made for giving this Christmas - all very beautiful, authentic and the clever folk behind them continue to be as passionate about what they are doing as they are about our precious environment - for me that’s reason enough to buy and return, time and time again. I hope you find something here that will work for a loved one, friend or even yourself…after all you deserve a little gift too!

Supreme C

Vitamin C is certainly having its moment. Every good reason too as the right product can leave skin looking and feeing smoother, brighter and more radiant and my go-to is the Supreme-C Serum Treatment by hip Scandinavian brand Nuori.

Young Adult Essentials

My biggest concern for the many well meaning young adults is their overuse of often inappropriate skincare - skin acids in particular - that can literally tear away the fragile outer acid mantle of the skin leaving it dangerously thin and delicate.

Modern Botany

Hardly surprising that the words 'clean' 'fresh' and 'natural' come to mind when describing this beautiful oil that is perfect for moisturising and cleansing and works wonders on dry cuticles and scars. 

Ayurvedic Beauty

Shop-bought skin care is rare in traditional Ayurvedic households where women have been mixing their own for centuries, sharing the ancient secrets of a cornucopia of indigenous herbs, spices and oils for generations.