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Book Review: Pure Skin

I first met San Francisco-based Victoria Tsai, founder of boutique skincare brand Tatcha some eight years back when the range was first launched in Asia and I have been a fan of this glorious quintessential Japanese skincare ever since.

Review: Biologique Recherche @ The Greenhouse

Living many years in Asia I was fortunate enough to experience the numerous benefits of Biologique Recherche (or BR), the cult French brand that is finally making waves in this little corner of our world. Recently under the well experienced hands of Megan at The Greenhouse in Dublin's Dun Laoghaire, my skin was once again treated to the very best in BR customised facials.

Think Skin

Spring isn't far off and the daffodils are waking up - so it's time to THINK SKIN. These tips along with the best skin-loving foods will make 2018 the best year yet for the largest organ in your body- the outer you.

Young Adult Essentials

My biggest concern for the many well meaning young adults is their overuse of often inappropriate skincare - skin acids in particular - that can literally tear away the fragile outer acid mantle of the skin leaving it dangerously thin and delicate.

It's Booch for me please....

One of the keys to skin health and indeed health at large lies in keeping our guts happy and this is where Kombucha - or Booch as it is fondly termed - comes into its own as this sugar-sweetened fermented tea is overflowing with the bacteria needed to help our guts thrive.

So Farro - So Great

For meals that positively sing of goodness you can't beat grains. Overflowing with virtuousness and flavour, ancient grains have come centrestage, most especially, for me anyway,  the rich nutty flavour of Farro.  

Get the GLOW

I'm on a mission - watch this space! At this stage in my life, I know a wrinkle-free face is not an option. Nor, in all honesty, do I want one. Seriously, what sort of a scary mid-life-mother-of-3 would I resemble with a blank, lifeless canvas as a face?

Should you Double Cleanse?

I'm a recent convert to double cleansing as have always tried to keep my skincare routine as fast and efficient as possible, simply because I just don't have the time for lengthy rituals. But, having recently tested the Double Cleanse System by hip Irish brand Pestle & Mortar, I have to admit that I was wrong and I am well and truly hooked!

A time & place

As the silly season is well and truly here, my ageing skin is seriously struggling with the combination of alcohol overload and lack of sleep. This is when I realise that not all masks are created equal.