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Recipes to GLOW

Here are two more recipes from my latest book - GLOW: Your Complete Four Week Plan for Healthy Radiant Skin. SO easy to make any time of year, but most especially during Springtime, as they are packed with skin-essential nutrients to help revitalise and freshen up our skin for the summer months ahead. Maybe its time to treat yourself, or someone you care about, to the book!

My Skin Rules

I’m so grateful that my work helps me take more care of my body, my mind and my skin and, even if I say so myself, I’m feeling and looking better than in years. This I credit to a combination of what I am putting into my body, how and when I move my body and what I’m using on my skin.

Glow: Your Complete Four-Week Guide to Healthy, Radiant Skin

Finally it's arrived! I am immensely proud to have combined my expertise (and qualifications) in both nutrition and cosmetic science in GLOW: Your Complete Four-Week Guide to Healthy, Radiant Skin with 60 Skin Nourishing Recipes on the bookshelves this week. GLOW will be officially launched during a skincare masterclass this Thursday, 8 March in Clodagh’s Kitchen, Arnotts Department Store, Dublin 1

What makes a great facial?

Working in the the wellness/skincare industry for many years now I am regularly asked for recommendations on where to go for the best facial. My reply depends on WHO the person delivering that facial is and what products they use - both being intimately connected.  

Get the GLOW

I'm on a mission - watch this space! At this stage in my life, I know a wrinkle-free face is not an option. Nor, in all honesty, do I want one. Seriously, what sort of a scary mid-life-mother-of-3 would I resemble with a blank, lifeless canvas as a face?

Argan Oil

The timeless benefits of pure Argan Oil

What sets Kahina Giving Beauty and Wild Wood Groves apart is their purity and commitment to preserving and empowering the indigenous Berber women who have worked for centuries to bring these beauty benefits to life for us all.

Sun Safe

We all know we need to apply sunscreen daily - RIGHT?

I visited my dermatologist this morning to check a slightly dodgy-looking growth on my skin. Much to my amazement (not to forget the years spent writing on the subject!) I received a lecture on taking care of my skin!

Ayurvedic Beauty

Shop-bought skin care is rare in traditional Ayurvedic households where women have been mixing their own for centuries, sharing the ancient secrets of a cornucopia of indigenous herbs, spices and oils for generations.