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Review: Stanglwirt

Cosseted in Chinese Medicine’s five elements (water, wood, earth, metal and air) it is close to impossible to find a more nurturing spa and wellness experience that at Stanglwirt gloriously bright and expansive spa. Here, results-driven treatments, undoubtedly amongst the best I have experienced are delivered by an exceptional team of therapists who bring world-class skincare brands products to life.

Book Review: Sober, Curious

I have been stalling on posting this review for the past few weeks - not because I didn’t like the book (I loved it!) - but because I wanted to accompany the review with a personal commitment and, as with everything in life it seems, the time wasn’t right.

Château Biodynamic

I love wine. However, as I navigate my middle years, most wine has taken an adverse dislike to me, with even moderate intakes (as in 2 medium-sized glasses) leaving me looking and feeling as if I haven't slept in days. Hence, my growing love affair with organic and biodynamic wines.

Fiona Arrigo

I first met Fiona Arrigo last January on a cold winter's afternoon in London. And, in all honesty, my life hasn't been the same since - it has been better!  She softly peeled away the tough outer layers in a way I have never experienced before, leaving me honest and open, but never vulnerable.

Supplement Essentials

With a plethora of great New Year intentions (most of which will be long forgotten by February) something worth remembering is supplements. With literally hundreds of brands, names, claims, and concentrations on the market—let's simplify - which ones and how much do we really need?

Making it work

How to choose a fitness regime you will want to stick to as the days get colder & darker

Studies show that a staggering 70% of people that take up a new exercise routine in January, quit before the month is out. They don’t even last four weeks.