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Wellness Trends

Figures just released by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) in the US show that the wellness industry takes in US$4.2 trillion in annual global spend (up from US$3.7 trillion in one year!) and just maybe our addictive endorphins of manic consumption are being usurped by the feel-good serotonin that comes with a more sustainable and meaningful lifestyle.

La Rentrée

After taking most of August off, the French are back in the real world once again and La Rentrée marks this transition. While school is back here too, we don’t mark the occasion quite so word perfectly, but it's a sign that autumn is coming and for many the time for reflection and intention.

My neck

Although shelves are crammed with creams dedicated to every crevice in the body (slight exaggeration I know!) in my years of trialling skincare products I've concluded that most are not worth their hefty price tag. What's more, many are thick and show up as irritating red rings around the crease lines.

Ayurveda in Summer

Ayurveda is a subtle, complex and all embracing prescription for how to live our lives and with the long days and occasional bright sun upon us, the transformative nature of this season is totally in sync with this timeless wisdom.

Do Yoga

As January comes to a close, set your sights on a realistic practice you will enjoy and you will want to continue. For me that's yoga and the older I get the more important regular practice has become to me, as I know my body thrives, both physically and emotionally.

The truth lies in the neck

Keeping our necks taut and toned during our Middle Years

The late great Nora Ephron summed it up succinctly: ‘Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.’ How true. But its not too late to care for our neck and here's how.