GLOW Cover

GLOW: Your complete four-week plan for healthy radiant skin with 60 skin-nourishing recipes

Your skin tells a story – make it a good one!

What happens when you merge almost 20 years living midst Asia’s rich resourceful Eastern culture with Western qualifications in nutrition and cosmetic science? GLOW: Your Complete Four-Week Guide to Healthy, Radiant Skin with 60 skin nourishing recipes combines the very best of both.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and a powerful expression of what is happening inside our bodies. With figures estimating that the skincare industry will be worth €805 billion by 2025, Kate has put together this comprehensive guide to cut through the mountains of misinformation surrounding best practice, offering scientifically grounded facts about how skin really works at a cellular level to help you create strong new foundations for better skin – for life.

The book is a step-by-step guide designed to be followed for four weeks for optimum results, with simple meal planners, easy-to-follow shopping lists and more than sixty fresh, tasty and seasonal recipes, many inspired by Kate’s years living in Asia, from Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl and Citrus Turmeric Salmon to vibrant Nachos with a Twist and an autumnal Root Veggie Bowl, and lots more in between.

As well as the revitalising skin-centric GLOW plan, the book is filled with information on factors, both external and internal, which impact our skin. Read about how poor sleeping habits can be detrimental to the skin, the critical role of GUT health in skin health and how to create your own homemade masks and creams.

Kate chatted all things winter skincare with Maura Derrane on the Today Show RTE television